Want to get more organized with the content you create? One of the easiest and simplest ways to do that is to create organization around the content that you publish.

I bet if you think about it there is only a few types of content that you publish. I’d even go further and suggest that there really should only be a few different styles of content you should create.

Think about it this way. Think of any car company that mass produces their cars. Do they start from scratch every single time? No. They have a template that they follow and a process (the assembly line) that they use to put their cars together.

This same thinking can be applied to content marketing and it’s much easier than you think with a plugin I’m about to share with you.

The plugin we’ll be using is called TinyMCE Templates.

It allows you to create custom HTML templates right within your WordPress dashboard. Here’s a few of it’s features:

  • Create as many content or HTML templates as you need.
  • Access these templates in WordPress admin screens
  • Easily reuse them in any WordPress post with a few clicks
  • Share your templates with other authors on your site to reuse in their articles.
  • Move your content templates with you if you ever move your WordPress site.

So let’s see how easy this plugin is to use. After you install and activate you have a couple different options to create templates.

The first step is to create a page and on that page you want to create the template or outline of content you create.

From there you simply click “copy to new template”.

Your template is now ready to be used. Now when inside a new post simply click on the “insert template” button. From there you’ll get a dropdown with your templates listed.
Then click Insert Template:

It’s that simple.

Another interesting way you could use this plugin would be to create and insert complex templates like a product listing table. This type of template would be good for content where the table isn’t going to change that often.

There’s not much more to it than that. The TinyMCE Templates plugin really has one use and does it pretty well.

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