Online Marketing Blog – TopRank® How B2B Audiences Engage With Business Content Online
A new Clutch survey explores how B2B audiences encounter business content online, and their preferences for consuming it, with business content about technology the leading topic. ClutchFacebook pages with large U.S. following to require more authorization
Facebook is requiring two-factor administrator authentication for large U.S. pages, a move that will also come to Instagram in the coming weeks.

Reuters How GDPR Is Moving Ad Budgets Toward Private Marketplaces. A new survey looks at U.S. marketers’ changing attitudes about programmatic ad spending since the European Union’s GDPR regulations took effect.

eMarketer The Content Power Play: How Content Can Turn Sales and Marketing into an Unbeatable Team [Infographic]
Bringing marketing and sales units together is the focus of a new global study from Content Marketing Institute and LinkedIn (client). LinkedIn Report Finds U.S. Marketers Shifting From ‘Data’ To ‘Identity’-Based Marketing, Proficiency Mixed
A new Association of National Advertisers study shows a mix of results in identity-based marketing, and a move away from data-based solutions.

MediaPost Snap’s strategy shifts win over advertisers more than users
Snapchat’s first recorded daily-user drop results were tempered by record revenue outside North America. Reuters Startup Finds Paying Consumers To Look At Ads Is About Value, Not Money
Despite trepidation, rewarded — or opt-in — content is seeing growth, and a beta startup is looking to boost the efficient economics of a pure ROI model.

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