Consumer-driven companies flourish on sites like Instagram, especially product-based providers who can showcase eye-grabbing inventory. Media companies shine on platforms like Facebook, where readers have an easy avenue to share content they find intriguing with friends and family.

Witty quips dominate on Twitter. It’s easy to dismiss B2B businesses as “not the right type” to flourish on social media, but many savvy brands are breaking that stereotype.

The problem is that some B2B brands don’t utilize social media with an innovative approach. With a clear vision, a good deal of marketing ingenuity and a dose of social media prowess, your company can utilize these platforms for growth.

B2B companies can use social media to highlight their work culture. Outbrain uses their Instagram to highlight office competitions, employee perks and fun team building events.

They are attempting to attract young, tech-loving talent, and their Instagram exudes that presence. Even their choice of boosting their culture on Instagram as opposed to another platform is a calculated move to relate to a millennial audience. Read more from…

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