Google just introduced “AMP for Email” and announced plans to include it Gmail later this year. “Accelerated Mobile Pages” is an open-source initiative to improve load times for mobile pages.

AMP’s popularity has increased considerably during the past few years. According to Google, there are roughly 31 million domains that are serving AMP pages, which is three times more than just 12 months ago.

AMP has evolved to include more advanced capabilities, such as accepting user input, displaying interactive elements such as carousels, and the ability to fetch fresh data. In this post, I will explain AMP for Email and its potential impact on email marketing for merchants.

Email messages are mostly static. Once delivered, an email’s content stays the same.

Adding AMP to an email will make the content dynamic and changeable — after it’s delivered. Google cites examples, such as giving the recipient the ability (without leaving the inbox) to fill out a questionnaire, respond to an invitation, or schedule an appointment. Read more from…

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