“I look around the Financial Trading Industry and I see a lot of good work and good people, but as the sector comes under more and more pressures, that extra mile and excellence can take brands and products to new level. I do not believe people are doing things wrong, but that there is an extra layer of knowledge that can be learned and applied to enhance and change the ongoing business” – Nicc Lewis, CEO, Expozive Last week, one of the FX industry’s most recognized figures in B2B marketing, branding and product positioning, Nicc Lewis, left his position as CMO at Leverate after six years with the company.

Joining Leverate in 2012, Mr Lewis became quickly recognized as one of the FX industry’s avantgarde spokespeople, notably at global electronic trading B2B conferences. His departure from Leverate signaled a new path for Mr Lewis, who has founded his own company, Expozive, which is a specialist marketing consultancy.

This week, FinanceFeeds met with Mr Lewis in order to examine the ethos behind Expozive, and how the firm will provide consultative services with regard to marketing and communications to electronic trading companies and a wider commercial audience. Mr Lewis explained that Expozive’s direction will extend into a comprehensive range of fully managed services for companies in the online trading and e-commerce sector, and will encompass how companies can conduct their public relations, branding and enhance engagement in their product ranges, however there is a further service which is somewhat unique, that being an end-to-end specialist service in which the planning and positioning for industry conferences and events can be outsourced.

With this particular aspect of Expozive’s service, companies which are participating in B2B events, expos and conferences can commission Expozive to provide full management of the appearance at events, including logistics, booth design, and how to attract the right audience in a critical face-to-face environment, utilizing Mr Lewis’ extensive experience dating back over a decade in preparing large companies for conferences as well as presenting from important B2B venues. Whilst meeting with FinanceFeeds, Mr Lewis explained: Having left Leverate, I am now embarking on a new venture as an independent Marcom / Marketing Agency and Consultant. I bring with me a wealth of knowledge, experience, reputation and track record in achieving results both in B2C and B2B.

Obviously, I have spent the past few years in the Financial Trading sector and this will be an area I will be focusing on; but I also have extensive experience (over 12 years) in Gaming and other areas such as Mobile, Social Gaming and even fashion. “The core vision is that excellent planning and execution combined with creativity provides value in terms of time and money saved plus increased results and ROI” he said. Read more from financefeeds.com…

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