Facebook’s added a new option in Event set-up which enables organizers to list a schedule of times for happenings within an event. Spotted by social media advisor Matt Navarra, the new option could be a great addition for those looking to highlight specific elements, and give their potential attendees a better idea of when they should get along.

There are various ways this could be of benefit – if you’re running a music event, you can now list the times of the support slots and main band to clarify what’s happening. Or if you’re running a local fair, you could include a schedule of when each element will be running. As you can see in the lower portion of the top screenshot, you can now also add free and paid admission information on your event listing.

Facebook’s been working to develop its events, with new set-up options and new notifications, particularly in regard to local event discovery. That forms part of Facebook’s broader focus on bringing communities together, and shifting away from the spread of fake news and global events, which can be manipulated by bad actors.

By highlighting the platform’s potential to connect local communities, Facebook can work to develop its ad business around smaller advertisers, generating more revenue for the company, while also boosting the platform’s benefits, and moving away from the aforementioned scandals. Improved event listings add to this push – the new changes look to be rolling out to all users.

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