Whether you’re selling a product or promoting a service, you should be able to have an understanding of who your current and prospective buyers are, as well as what they want and need. Creating content that resonates well with your customer can be the difference between success or failure.

SEO consultant Jec Gonzales provided an in-depth overview of audience profiling and how to use it for a more personalized content marketing strategy recently when he spoke at PeepCon 3.0 in Manila, Philippines. Here are a few takeaways from his presentation, Profiling for Personalized Content Marketing.

Gonzales talked about the economics of content and the gap of content production versus content consumption. “We’re seeing a ‘content rush’, leading to unprecedented growth in content production across all platforms and media,” according to Gonzales.

“User consumption continues to rise thanks to advancements in technology, but there is an inevitable wall.” There’s so much white noise around and for us to reach our target audience, we need to be able to produce content that’s personalized for them. Below is Gonzales’ process for implementing a personalized content strategy.

The content you create can be categorized into three purposes that represent three stages of the buyer’s journey: Here’s an example of possible content ideas categorized for the real estate industry: You can also create email marketing funnels incorporating these types of content but instead of aiming to boost conversions, it is far more important for data-gathering. To create a customer profiles, you can gather data from: In data-driven profiling, the aim is to categorize users in order to provide them customized content. Read more from searchenginejournal.com…

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