Content marketing is not a new concept, but for building product manufacturers, it is probably a foreign one. Even those BPMs who understand what content marketing is believe that it is an approach reserved purely for B2C businesses.

The fact is, content marketing can work for BPMs, and it can be a tremendously valuable way to connect with more end users. And though traditional forms of “content” — blog posts, white papers, etc.

— can be helpful, the single most important piece of content for BPMs is their data. For Building Product Manufacturers, the ultimate goal has always been to get specified into more projects.

While that hasn’t changed, the process that your end users — architects, engineers, fabricators, and contractors — go through on their end has evolved quite a bit. Whereas in the past, BPMs could get away with selling through sales agents and distributors, today’s end users don’t want to be sold to; the want to get educated.

According to a recent Forrester Research Report, “By a factor of three to one, B2B buyers want to self-educate versus talk to sales representatives to learn about products and services.” They want to self-educate and learn as much about your products as possible before committing them to their projects. They demand complete control over the information they need — in terms of how they get it and how they use it. Read more from…

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