I was half a decade into an agency job I was supposed to love. On paper, that job was a great fit.

But in reality, there was this problem: My work was my art. My coworkers, well, they couldn’t quite say the same – no one really seemed to care about what they were creating.

It didn’t take long for my “dream job” to morph into a nine-to-five cage. My (future) business partner and I were paddling in the same boat at this agency.

After a couple beers one night, we decided to change our luck and build something we could run. Of course, we each had families, which meant we couldn’t just ghost on them because we were excited to get a new project off the ground.

So every night, from 10pm to 3am, we hopped on a Skype call. Coffee pots sputtering in the background, we built Scriply, our first piece of software. Read more from copyhackers.com…

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