When Spotify’s brand chief joined five years ago the plan wasn’t to build an in-house creative function; she now manages a team of 90 but still believes external perspectives are crucial. Spotify’s vice-president of brand and creative, Jackie Jantos, joined the music streaming site five years ago from Coca-Cola.

At the time it had a “tiny” in-house team, but over the past five years it has grown to more than 90 people across every aspect of marketing from events to B2B to performance. Yet Jantos admits the aim when she first joined was not to build an in-house agency, and that despite the size of the team outside perspectives are still crucial.

Here, she talks to Marketing Week about in-housing, creativity and how Spotify ensures its strategy acts as a “north star” in all its creative work. When I joined the organisation there was a really strong but tiny creative team already there.

We had been doing a lot of design work ourselves, we had been thinking about how we market out brands, how we market artists, but what we’ve done is build out a really robust brand and creative team. The team I lead now is about 90 people, and of that 35 to 40 are working on creative.

That has put a huge emphasis on creativity. A large part of the work we are doing now that we weren’t doing five years ago is really grounded in marketing artists and trying to help artists grow their careers, create bigger fan audiences. Read more from marketingweek.com…

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