Innovation and Florida are in the same sentence at Synapse, a company that’s deploying a methodology to connect all business personas within a multifaceted ecosystem. Brian Kornfeld, co-founder and Head of Operations at Synapse, is featured on this episode of Social Business Engine and shares the inspiring story behind the company’s impact on innovation in a region that isn’t widely recognized for such.

Brian explains the three key elements to Synapse, and shares why the timing has never been better for innovation and entrepreneurial ventures to flourish in the Tampa Bay area. He also offers insights into the 2019 Synapse Innovation Summit and what’s to come for the company’s future.

This conversation includes examples of innovative companies in Tampa Bay and is key to understanding why Florida is a hotspot for entrepreneurship and innovation. Synapse was born out of a desire to create a connected business community in the Tampa Bay area to accelerate innovation.

It’s improving the brand of the city by joining innovation and entrepreneurship while boosting the economy. Synapse has three main platforms: publishing, web platforms, and live events.

These three platforms cohesively focus on the eight personas Brian and his team believe are critical to business growth: The Tampa Bay business community has been energized over the past decade and its growth shows no signs of slowing. Synapse is helping to overcome the stigmas of “no money, no talent, no customers” that has plagued the area. Read more from…

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