We’re bombarded by an avalanche of content every day. Just think about Facebook.

It’s impossible to consume all of the content in your news feed every day, whether you have hundreds or thousands of friends on the social network. Yet, even with this onslaught, we’re still being encouraged to “create high-quality content” so that we can stand out from the content noise.

Over the years, “high-quality content” has evolved and has held different meanings. The current consensus is generally that content is high quality when it’s over 1,000+ words as that is what Google loves.

If you ask SEO professionals and other marketers this question, you’ll get diverse and sometimes biased answers. Or worse, a regurgitation of what you’ve already heard or seen elsewhere (e.g., using content length to determine content quality).

But quality content is primarily content that achieves its marketing goal. For you, that might be: A piece of content that achieves any (or all) of these marketing objectives is quality content. Read more from searchenginejournal.com…

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