Nearly all business-to-business (B2B) marketers are focused on increasing leads, improving lead quality and improving return on investment (ROI). Conversion testing plays a key role in all three of these objectives.

Let’s look at four tests that illustrate how improving the online experience can lead to dramatic increases in conversion rates and lead results. We will also analyze why the tests worked so you have a better understanding of how to apply the same principles to your own unique circumstances.

Hypothesis: By centering the registration form and moving it higher on the page, visitors’ eyes will more easily flow from the call-to-action (CTA) statement to the form. The benefit bullet points and asset imagery will now serve as secondary, supporting content.

Results: Variation 1 won with a 34.47 percent higher conversion rate at 92.04 percent confidence. Conclusion: Many visitors were ready to get the downloadable asset without needing additional information.

The registration process was more seamless and apparent with Variation 1, thus increasing form submissions. Hypothesis: Visitors do not like waiting for an asset to be emailed to them, especially since they often have to check their junk folder to find/receive the asset. Read more from…

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