Customer engagement is a priority for many, but no single action plan exists for how to measure it. Some brands simply identify and tally customer engagements, while others truly understand the value of each action.

To understand how a marketer should structure a customer engagement plan, eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher spoke with Jennifer Zeszut, co-founder and chief customer officer of Beckon, for the eMarketer report, “Understanding Customer Engagement: How to Map and Make Sense of the Metrics that Matter.” The report contains a framework for making sense of customer engagement metrics at one’s organization. It shares requirements for putting that framework to use, and gives examples of companies successfully navigating customer engagement efforts.

Beckon works with brands to build customer engagement scores and ratios that can be predictors of real business outcomes, such as lifetime value (LTV) and sales. The marketing intelligence software provider defines customer engagement as any customer-initiated action that shows some sort of intent, interest, connection or collaboration with the brand.

These actions can differ by channel. “If it’s an email communication, it might be an open.

If it’s a display ad, it might be a click. If it’s a social platform like Facebook, it might be a ‘like,'” Zeszut said. Read more from…

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