Interactions with a brand or organization are becoming more complicated, dynamic, and nuanced. Not only do today’s customers browse via multiple devices and platforms, they do it simultaneously.

A customer may start out shopping via mobile, for instance, and then check out or pay via a home computer or desktop. Alternatively, customers also might start shopping on mobile, yet choose to pick up the items in-store and in-person.

Right now, you’re probably asking what all of this has to do with user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) design principles. The answer is everything.

Your job is to optimize these experiences across all channel so the journey is both seamless and convenient. Whether you’re developing an official website, a mobile app, or omni-channel engagement systems, the end game is always the same.

You need to ensure your audience and customers have an enjoyable time the whole way through. It happens naturally. Read more from…

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