Marketing and sales team are active players in the blame game. While the sales team thinks the marketing team shared only contacts (read, unqualified leads), the marketing team blames the sales team for not being able to convert all the excellent qualified leads they hand off.

According to MarketingSherpa, 61% of B2B marketers send all of their leads to sales even though only 27% are actually qualified. Not only this, sales reps ignore 50% of the marketing leads according to a study by the TAS Group.

Because there is a lack of shared understanding of what a qualified lead is. Each team works on their own definitions which not only creates confusion but results in frustration and lost revenue.

In this blog, I’ll cover what makes a lead sales qualified, how these leads fit into the buyer’s journey, how to score your leads, and more.  Not understanding the difference is one of the main reasons marketers end up spending time on unqualified leads who don’t want to be sold. MQLs show repeated interest in your website content (not necessarily your product or services) and are likely to become your customer.  Simply put, they have become the hand-raisers from your potential customer pool.

However, remember that MQLs are not ready to buy, but they will respond to strategic nurturing. SQLs, on the other hand, are further along in their buyer journey and are sales-ready. Read more from…

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