LOS ANGELES, United States — It’s 10am at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Kim Kardashian West is eating pancakes. Wearing a pair of sweatpants and a cosy, comfy hoodie, her hair is a platinum blonde, gently waving down to her shoulders, with dark roots poking through at the top.

With more than 200 million followers on social media, Kardashian has transformed herself from a reality TV star into one of the most famous women in the world, and easily the world’s most recognisable digital influencer at a time when the business of influence is in flux. “This morning I slept through.

I was 40 minutes late for my workout — I’m never late, never!” she exclaims as we dig into our breakfast. “I’m so micromanaged.

I was planning my workout before the kids wake up, at like 6:30am, had my whole day planned to the T, and I guess I needed the sleep. I feel so fulfilled, but overwhelmed, but in a good way, but never busier.” Indeed, while the reality-star-turned-mega influencer is, true to her reputation, punctual, she is also much more normal and down-to-earth than one might expect.

Kardashian, 37, is a mother of three and has the same struggles as working mothers everywhere. “I’m on like. Read more from businessoffashion.com…

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