KOSÉ Singapore has picked Arcade for social media duties. This includes strategy and content creation with the aim to attract a younger consumer base for the KOSÉ SEKKISEI series of skincare products.

Marketing has reached out to Arcade and KOSÉ Singapore for comment. According to a press statement, KOSÉ, a 71-year old Japanese skincare brand steeped in history, had over the last few years failed to resonate with a new generation of younger consumers.

As such, the agency is launching a campaign, called “Brighten Up”, which aims to encapsulate product benefits as well as the “feel-good nature” of the social media campaign. This is built around four streams of content which look to present a multi-faceted brand personality to resonate and connect with young women.

This sees the inclusion of light-filled portraits of ambassadors, layered with feel-good messages which are designed to capture the beauty of brightness both inside and out. The campaign also features inspiring ideas to brighten up a bad day and aims to be a nod to the daily grind and stress, from exams, relationships to first jobs.

This is coupled with easy tips to help optimise the skincare routine to achieve bright supple skin. In addition, the campaign also features bite-size storytelling of couples, friends, mothers and daughters bonding over the sensorial experience of skincare, as well as before and after transformation classics.

Through trend and consumer research, it was determined by the agency that the use of the term “brightening” was more aspirational than “whitening”. In addition, Millennial women prefer natural or organic beauty products. Read more from marketing-interactive.com…

thumbnail courtesy of marketing-interactive.com