Several Hollywood companies have rallied against a bill that would ban the creation of fake pornographic videos made using AI. Bill A08155, filed by the New York State Assembly on May 31, looks like the first legal step taken to combat ‘deepfakes’, a technique that alters videos by stitching other people’s faces often onto the bodies of adult actresses.

The technology gained traction when it was discovered that a Reddit message board r/deepfakes had been quietly growing. It was a place where internet onanists shared tips and tricks on how to make the best, most realistic fake skin flicks and posted their results.

Reddit has since updated its rules to forbid any potential sexual content involving minors. The bill goes further and isn’t just aimed at protecting minors.

It fights for “the right of privacy and the right of publicity” for anyone alive or dead. “An individual’s persona is the personal property of the individual and is freely transferable and descendible,” the bill reads.

So crafting a “digital replica” for films, adverts, musicals, for commercial purposes or without explicit written consent is violation of an individual’s rights. Anyone who knowingly makes these fake videos should be considered to be committing fraud and should be liable to pay damages to the victim. Read more from…

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