Some of my friends who know me well also know my fascination with Bollywood movies and songs, Yoga Vashishtha, Upanishads, the great epic Mahabharata and mythologies in general. They often ask me about Yoga Vashistha because it is relatively lesser known scriptures.

Also, I had never heard about Yoga Vashishtaha either but got captivated by it after I was introduced. One day I ran into Deepak Chopra at a conference in Boston many years ago, and we started talking about books.

Given my interest and the nature of my questions, he recommended that I should read two books: Yoga Vashishta attributed to sage Vashistha, and “I Am That” by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (1982, The Acorn Press.) I ordered “I am That” on Amazon and got Hindi version of Yoga Vashishta when I visited a Gita Press store in Delhi. I became totally mesmerized by Yoga Vashistha.

It became my five most favorite books. Whenever I get into deep darkness and hit stumbling blocks in life’s trials, I often pick up Yoga Vashistha and start reading it where ever the book opens.

I think that Yoga Vashishtha is the most powerful yet simple wisdom and life’s learning for common people like us. In a nutshell, after the 15-year-old Prince Rama returns home after touring India, he goes into deep depression. Read more from…

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