This week in social media news, Pinterest shares trends for July, Facebook makes changes to its Marketing API and WhatsApp gives more control to Group Admins. “No matter the month, it’s always helpful to tie your Pins to seasonal moments,” writes Talia Parnass, head of content marketing at Pinterest.

“Try to work a summer angle into your Pin this July: think about beach scenes, outdoor entertaining and other popular activities for the warmer months.” Parnass also advises showing your product or service in context so that users can visualize it in their own lives. In general, lifestyle images and Pins that provide context perform better than Pins that show products on their own.

Beginning on Monday, Facebook has introduced new restrictions on its API to protect user information. Marketing API now requires an app review before developers can use it, and the process has been reduced from three tiers to two.

“These changes will continue to enable developers to create social experiences while protecting people’s information,” explained Ime Archibong, Facebook’s vice president of product partnerships. Other changes include the depreciation of Graph API Explorer App, Profile Expression Kit and inside Media Solutions the following will be depreciated soon: Topic Search, Topic Insights and Topic Feed and Public Figure APIs.

WhatsApp Groups designed for announcements and important information as opposed to casual conversations (non profit groups, teachers, etc.) may find messages from its members distracting from pressing matters. To address this problem, new controls have been added to let Admins control the flow of messages. Read more from…

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