Get your writing skills down. Great, engaging copy is the core of great content marketing—I can’t stress that enough!

The basics of writing are critical, but easy to overlook and tough to learn. It takes discipline to learn content writing.

But it’s worth it: your conversion rates, ranking, and content readability all get better if the copy is better. I created a 6-week course in 2017, called the Practical Content Strategy Certification Course.

This course was about 1,000 hours to create, and even more in research and real-time industry surveying. I partnered with experts to collaborate and create guest lessons with me.

After I was done, sitting back and looking at the curriculum, I realized the 200-odd pages of video content I’d scripted for the course would make a fantastic book. I took a month to rework all the written content and turn it into a 366-page book, full of concepts and exercises. Read more from…

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