RealPage, a provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry, has been on quite the run of acquisitions in the last 18 months or so, acquiring five different companies as it seeks to grow its empire. And the company’s not done yet.

RealPage announced late Thursday that it is planning to acquire LeaseLabs, a provider of digital marketing services and software to approximately 800,000 units in the multifamily housing industry, in a $100+ million deal. The acquisition will be RealPage’s sixth such deal since January 2017 and pushes the company’s total outlay for its expansion over $1 billion.

Last year, RealPage announced that it was expanding its apartment data offerings by acquiring Axiometrics, a provider of apartment market data, for $75 million. Then, RealPage announced that it planned to acquire Lease Rent Options and related assets from The Rainmaker Group for $300 million in cash.

After that, RealPage announced that it was acquiring American Utility Management, a provider of utility and energy management solutions for the multifamily housing industry, for $70 million. Then, RealPage announced that it was acquiring “substantially all of the assets” of On-Site Manager for approximately $250 million.

And earlier this year, RealPage announced that it was acquiring ClickPay, an electronic payment platform servicing 2.3 million units across the multifamily, HOA, condominium and co-op segments of real estate, in a $218 million deal. And now, the company is set to grow again, this time in its marketing services business. Read more from…

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