Being a newbie blogger or digital nomad writer, making money online while travelling, can be overwhelming. It’s a lot to learn, and it takes practice for creating copy worth reading.

Moreover, it’s not easy, wandering your way through new trend themes and an abundance of content tools, yet asking yourself ‘How to start a blog’. Constant updating in media has been a good exploration of how quickly things change in that industry.

The concept of blogging has evolved to become more inclusive of a variety of content. Blog creation is no longer just about writing.

To gain leads and online presence, you have to put efforts not just in writing words on the page but in showing the overall voice of a story through: Additionally, you have to be regularly checking new trends and blog ideas in order to rich the next level and maintain your evergreen content. Here are a few sources to help you find new ideas and simply be ahead of the curve: You can build a personal or business blog on different platforms and social media: To create a blog in 2018, you have to pick at least a few platforms. If your blog lends itself well to stunning imagery, invest in Instagram.

If you are an enthusiastic videographer, YouTube is you vlogging platform. Reddit is perfect for people that are good at discussions. Read more from…

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