There comes a point when an in-house SEO needs to stop paying such close attention to the marketing talking heads and focus more attention instead on the content being consumed by his or her target audience. That’s certainly not to say you shouldn’t be reading this article and others on Search Engine Journal!

But, there is often more value in understanding what content is important within specific spaces than learning more about the general way to do things. Try mixing up your content diet and you’ll be amazed at the results.

It can take years to truly understand the nuances, POVs, influencers, and subject matter of segments within industries. This is one reason agencies sometimes struggle to serve a variety of businesses.

They simply lack the necessary deep subject matter expertise. It would be unreasonable to expect strategists at an agency to have the sort of deep understanding that comes only after many years of participating in an industry.

After a marketer has mastered how SEO works, their next step should be diving deep into the subject matter around which they are marketing. When you read the books your audience reads, every chapter is a potential blog topic. Read more from…

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