I’ve been spending a lot of time of late focused on WHY people buy. As marketers, we tend to focus on the logical or rational reasons someone SHOULD buy, but that’s not how humans make purchase decisions.

We buy on emotion so marketers should focus on that and not on the great features and benefits of their products or services. Well… we saw an emotional need for it 🙂  In 2017, we launched the Spin Sucks 30-Day Challenge.

It was free and it was designed to help communicators create their PESO model communications program in 30 days. Every day, they received an email with a lesson and a homework assignment.

By the end, they had a full plan. But what we discovered people logically want that, but without step-by-step instruction and videos to help them along, the work became too overwhelming.

Enter The Communicator’s Playbook: a Step-by-Step Process for Implementing an Integrated PESO Model Program. It has the same end goal, but it gives people the emotional and mental support they need to finish the program. Read more from heidicohen.com…

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