Use content curation to keep your brand visible on existing owned, social, and third party media even if your resources are limited. Content curation assembles, selects, categorizes, comments on, and presents the most relevant quality information targeted to meet your audience’s information needs.  (Here’s how 19 marketing experts define content curation.) As a result, it: Ideally curate 25% of your content marketing according to Curata’s Pawan Despande.

But if your financial and people resources are limited, bend the rules and deliver curated content on a consistent basis to meet your audience’s content needs. This article provides a streamlined content curation development process and provides 3 key solopreneur content curation options.

To streamline the solopreneur content curation process, follow these 3 steps to maximize your results with limited resources. Start with one content format to get established.

For example, Scott Monty uses an email newsletter to build his list. By contrast Aaron Orendorff uses mega-roundup articles on third party media entities.

Select a format that’s easy to create and enables you to reach an addressable audience. With the recent Facebook issues, it’s increasingly important to own your audience. Read more from…

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