The Social Network has released its latest ‘Hot Topics’ report, which highlights not only the key subjects seeing the most mentions across both Facebook and Instagram, but also who’s discussing each, in terms of demographic make-up.  The monthly Hot Topics reports can be a great source of content inspiration and guidance – by using the reports as a guide, you can get more insight into what topics are trending amongst your specific target market. And while the insights are behind time, meaning you can’t necessarily tap into all these trends as they occur, they still provide some good indicators as to what’s of most interest to Facebook users.

As you would expect, there was a lot of discussion of seasonal events, and sports, particularly among male users. For women, Kate Middleton saw a lot of attention, as did rapper Cardi B, while evidently, Lebanese cuisine and Sangria are on the rise.

Over on Instagram the story was a little different.  Instagram’s younger audience tilt is fairly obvious when looking at the shift in comparative trends, with more video games and general entertainment mentions on the Insta chart.  It is interesting, though, to note the different food and drink discussions on the two platforms – ‘English breakfast tea’ makes the list on Insta, as does ‘New Mexican cuisine’.  Also worth noting the difference in attention for Earth Day – a comparatively small circle on Facebook, but a larger conversation piece on Instagram. That could point to the way in which Instagram users are more keen to show off their support for such causes.

As always, Facebook has also released regional trend charts for: Each listing also has their equivalent regional Instagram trends charts if you click-through on the above nation links. As noted, Facebook’s ‘Hot Topics’ reports can be a good way to get a better understanding of what’s trending amongst your target audience, and also what the differences are between the usages of each platform.

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