The Washington Post has taken more of a slow and steady approach to international expansion compared to some pure-play digital publishers, whose global growth ambitions seem to be tempered. For the next year, the publisher will focus on growing its branded-content capabilities internationally after hiring its first head of marketing for Europe and Asia, Aaron Robinson.

The Post has a sales team of roughly six people in Europe and Asia mostly focused on selling programmatic and direct deal display ads, while branded-content campaigns have been created in the U.S. for international clients.

By the end of next year, the Post will have a branded-content studio in London, with roughly a dozen employees across Europe. The publisher’s global digital advertising revenue has grown 35 percent from last year, according to Paul Tsigrikes, vp of marketing at the Post. In the next year, he expects a 50 percent growth in revenue from digital advertising in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

“The EMEA territory is an engine of growth for us,” he said. “We’re investing for a reason.

We’re ready to focus and grow. We have the audience; the name recognition will come.

Other folks you’ll see scale back, but we’ll be scaling up.” Health care brand Sanofi’s rebranding campaign is the Post’s largest European campaign in terms of cost to run in Europe to date. The campaign, which consists of mainly text articles and images, launched two weeks ago and is also running in the U.S., according to Tsigrikes. Read more from…

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