Content marketing is a constant struggle for any brand. It is probably the most important element to their overall promotional strategy and the greatest tool at their disposal.

It can also be the most fickle, as it relies heavily on keeping and maintaining the interest of the ones consuming it. You need to focus on your customer!

This allows what you produce to immediately connect with your audience and provides something of value to them. Not only does this give you benefits in the moment by offering the information they want/need, it also gives you long-term benefits by establishing the authority of your brand.

Here are three tips and tools to help you create a customer-focused content marketing strategy. Try to figure out just what the aims of your content will be.

If there are no objectives to work from, the results will end up aimless and meandering, not really benefiting anyone, even if it manages to drive a bit of traffic. It is like throwing spaghetti at a wall… sure, some of it is going to stick, but most of it is going to end up on the floor. Read more from…

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