In the contemporary age of social networking, online social media recommendations have a far more significant impact due to the audience. Hence, word of mouth is becoming a phenomenal online with social media marketers and online business owners looking to gain on this new trend.

The concept of now combining social media to word of mouth is where the UNBOXED idea comes in. The venture is seeking to provide for a simple tool that will allow individuals and businesses to tap into the word-of-mouth online activity and gain a competitive edge.

Here’s how the platform anticipates turning social media and influencer marketing into much more UNBOXED Network plans to offer the perfect solution for companies and individuals looking to run high-quality online word-of-mouth campaigns. The social media influencer network will combine blockchain and AI technology to replace the typical structure of having only a small group of social media influencers or celebrities.

Additionally, the system will allow for brands and social media users to match-make and enable their businesses to conduct large-scale word-of-mouth campaigns. An influencer can shift a product’s image into the limelight, and with the right tactics, they could mean the difference between the success and failure of the business.

However, our current social media platforms only allow for a low number of influencers and not all social media users can engage in the marketing. UNBOXED Network will provide a decentralized structure that adapts to giving each user the capability to become an influencer. Read more from…

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