The aphorism that “content is king” creates an expectation that if content is “good” then traffic will come. Sites with royal content don’t always rank as well as they should. I’m going to show you a different approach for optimizing content and how to fix lost rankings that may be associated with content.

Topics have multiple user intents. Virtually every topic has multiple intents.

Even something like Copper John Fishing Fly has multiple intents. It could be where to buy a fishing fly, how to tie a fishing fly, who the originator of the fishing fly is (John Barr), or it could be about a video of how to tie the Copper John fishing fly.

It is debatable if it is enough to have good content ABOUT one or even all the user intents. If users tend to be satisfied with content that covers multiple intents, then it could rank.

But from my experience and observation, it’s best to have one page of content handle one user intent. I know some people are afraid of Content Cannibalization.  Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a new “problem” nor is it a “secret” for SEOs in the know. Read more from…

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