Jane Hales, managing partner at Sapio Research, outlines the value of a blended data methodology to reveal the clear air topics that can give your content marketing strategy and business the edge. As a result, many organisations are turning to social media to understand what people are talking about, what topics are resonating, and leveraging the raft of online tools now available to identify and track ‘noise’ around a specific topic.

Using digital analytics to effectively listen to what prospects and customers are discussing is a fantastic way to gain a sense of key issues, pain points and motivators – especially for organisations planning to enter a new market area, influence a different prospect base or pitch for a new client. But this information is, by default, historic and potentially biased: it is what individuals have been saying, not what they are going to say.

It’s based on the ‘sharers’ with the loudest, possibly unrepresentative opinions. To truly understand the current and future motivations of target individuals an organisation is looking to influence requires more than a historical or myopic perspective.

Scraping the Internet cannot predict the future, but it can provide an excellent starting point for directly questioning individuals, for challenging their perceptions and assessing evolving areas of interest. And this is where a blended methodology offers significant value.

Having used online tools to listen to on-going social media debates, original research is then used to build on that insight by understanding the issues they want to discuss and learn about, now and in the future. Mapping online conversations against the audience’s real interest will reveal the clear air, or hot topics, that an organisation can leverage to gain market value. Read more from performancein.com…

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