rss-feeds-slideshow-cover-300Content curation is a great strategy but one of the biggest questions I get is how do you find great content to curate?

I usually answer the question in one of two ways. First, if you consume content throughout the day then curation is just an easy additional step to your normal activities. If you aren’t fortunate to be able to do that then I suggest you create a process and a series of what we call listening posts.

Below I describe how to set up a content curation listening post  using RSS feeds.

It’s a short presentation but I answer a few things:

  • How do you find similar sites?
  • What addons or plugins can you use to save you time?
  • Should you use Google Reader?
  • The additional tool to  use on top of Google Reader to make finding content a breeze.

Here’s the RSS Feeds and Content Curation presentation: