To vlog or not to vlog is no longer the question. Video is now the preferred channel for many B2B buyers as well as B2C customers.

For the last several years videos have continued to increase in market share within the content marketing efforts of businesses. Companies from Hubspot to Demand Gen continue to provide research that supports the incorporation of videos within the marketing plans.

Imagine for a moment investing three to four minutes of your time to record a video using your smart phone or PC camera. You upload the video to your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook and you can quickly gain views, shares and even more importantly people (think sales leads) who want to see more of your content.

One of my colleagues at LinkedIn has more than 170,000 followers who watch his content updates which include videos. Another colleague has nearly 20,000 followers and his video postings receive 10,000-plus views along with hundreds of shares within 24 to 48 hours. Instantaneous customer engagement is another benefit of video marketing.

What both of these colleagues have in common is they craft their messages in the form of personal stories. And the impact of video is much greater. Read more from…

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