With the great digital revolution of the 21st century, the recent years have seen a boom in data within the marketing landscape. While digital brings convenience to most people, it also brings new facets to marketing, especially with changing consumers and their behaviour.

A+M spoke to Ginz Ooi, founder of Webqlo who shares his opinions on big data and digital marketing in Malaysia. Ooi: Malaysia has a very high user penetration for the internet, mobile and social media.

With 71% of Malaysia’s population being internet users and a 22% increase of active social media users in 2017, we strongly believe that in the next three to five years, Malaysia is going to catch up with leading digital Asian countries such as Taiwan and Singapore. As of today, we notice that many local businesses are more receptive towards digital marketing and want to increase their presence digitally.

We see huge opportunities in the digital industry with the DFTZ that promotes exponential growth of e-commerce in Malaysia. Many businesses will need to leverage on digital marketing and we think there are ample opportunities, especially within adtech and martech, that will help channel sales into businesses.

Ooi: Every second, millions of data is being transferred on the internet and social media. To ensure we deploy a more accurate and impactful marketing decision, we need to utilise big data technology to find out who our target audience (TA) is, where our TA is and what content our TA likes to see. Read more from marketing-interactive.com…

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