Own the Platform

Did you here about the curation service Snip.it that just got acquired by Yahoo!, instantly shut down and left all their users out in the cold?

Now more than ever it’s important that you own the platform. We talk about this in detail on a post If You Want to Profit with Curation You Must Own the Platform,

If you’ve been on any of our curation webinars you know we believe you must own the platform and one reason for that was made obvious by a comment we just got on one of our blog posts:

Snip.it dumped all their users today. They sold out to Yahoo. They gave us a note telling us how excited they are. I’m kind of angry about, not excited at all. Every user of the service has been suddenly left in limbo. We can get an HTML or PDF of our content but we had no notice to try keep subscribers to our topics or keep in touch with people in the community. We are just left twisting in the wind. But, they did thank us for our contribution to their great success. Thanks don’t really work when I feel kicked to the curb.

Wow. Outside of the way this was handled it’s even more crushing to lose all your subscribers and followers. If you’re not aware of the story here’s a news story on Yahoo! buying Snip.it. Which included this line:

This story was updated after Yahoo and Snip.it confirmed the deal. In a statement posted to its website, Snip.it said it was shuttering its service, effective immediately. [emphasis ours]

[social_quote duplicate=”no” align=”right”]If you curate on a platform that you don’t own and control, you risk getting the rug pulled out from under you[/social_quote]Amazing, they didn’t say they were shutting down after a few months, no that was right away. This is one of the risks you  take when you curate on someone else’s platform and it’s one of the reasons why we built Curation Traffic.

Sure you could curate on someone else’s platform but ultimately your success, traffic, and followers all belong to them (or they at least can shut it off at a moment’s notice).

Keep up the good fight!