A: I actually think the career advice in the book around networking is essential to marketers. There’s plenty of good marketing advice in here—but until we learn how to network, we are unable to unlock the potential of collective knowledge.

We can learn from leaders that came before us and trailblazers that are paving the way today. In today’s world, everyone is accessible in some way.

Imagine how much better a marketer you’d be if, rather than reading from a book, you could meet the masters of marketing and talk shop over a cup of coffee. A: It actually started with a podcast.

In 2013, I became the CEO of the social media agency I co-founded with my husband, Likeable Media, and I noticed that the majority of my fellow agency leaders had three things in common: They were loud, extroverted, and male. My only choice was to work with what I had, which were two specific qualities: one, I’m a connector, and two, I’m a closet introvert.

A: Every successful woman has a different path, a unique story. In my book, I share the stories of how I’ve “worked it” throughout my career and life, but that’s just one tool—I wanted to create an entire toolbox of advice that women can choose from. Read more from heidicohen.com…

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