In a professional capacity, it’s also an opportunity to turn the dedication applied to your work this year into wisdom for the next. 2018 brings with it another chance to shape your massage practice into exactly what you’ve always dreamed it could be.

Whether you consider yourself a pro of promotion or a novice, specialize in a massage marketing role or wear many hats, knowledge of several basic strategies and tools can help you realize the vision you hold for your business. By focusing on specific facets of your practice throughout the year to set clear intentions, make adjustments and track measurable growth, you will ensure that your massage marketing strategy is the strongest it can be.

To do this, you’ll examine your practice along several important axes. Those are your: Altogether, your three-step marketing plan for 2018 will involve setting intentions, a mid-year check-in, and solving marketing mysteries with metrics.

Let’s go! Before crafting your plans for 2018 or putting them into action, it’s essential to begin with clear intentions by reflecting on your practice, overall, before envisioning the year to come.

Each intention should be grounded in your unique purpose as a practitioner and applied to such aspects of your work as your audience, relationships, messages and channels of communication. Consider what drew you to massage therapy in the first place and what you hope your clients will gain from your services. Read more from…

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