EOS is set to have a huge year, and could see it solving a number of problems that we see in other coins, such as scalability. Ethereum is the second highest cryptocurrency coin, when it comes to market capital; however, experts are predicting that EOS could in fact overtake them in this coming year.

EOS have just announced a joint venture with Mike Novogratz Galaxy Digital for a new $325million fund. A huge investment like this can only mean great things for this altcoin, and is set to get a lot of people interested.

They are also working with the former CEO of Bithumb, a Korean exchange. Korea is heavily involved with cryptocurrencies, so his influence will have great effects on EOS.

When it comes to investing in EOS it potentially carries a lower risk than others. According to Coin Check Up, the maximum gain is 143% and the maximum loss is 45%.

Whilst this might not be what you are looking for in an investment, and you might not be able to stand to lose that amount, you have a lot more to gain from your investments than other coins, such as Ethereum. When you look at their presence on social media, they are constantly releasing new news stories by the hour. Read more from cryptodaily.co.uk…

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