Ethereum and all of its Dapps are the showcase for what blockchain is and what it can do and how it can change the world. Next generation of blockchain projects, dubbed blockchain 3.0, might challenge this status eventually but not yet.

The delays in projects like Augur, Golem and others have shown that it´s quite complex to build a solid and secure Dapp. It’s safe to extrapolate that Blockchain 3.0 networks and their respective Dapps will face the same hurdles and not be ready to have a significant impact before 2019.

Which means that Ethereum network will stay dominant Dapps platform, at least for this year. Which should also reflect on its price.

Bulls are not completely vanished from crypto markets and have shown some kind of presence in Ethereum as well, a slight jump of 3% from yesterday to a price point of $570. Q1 2018 has been one of the worst periods in crypto markets.

Many experts argue that a bull market is likely to follow. Despite all the advancements, especially in ETH, some ERC20 tokens, and other platform networks like NEO, IOTA and similar, we have not seen anything like the earlier pumps and rallies in crypto. Read more from…

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