Augur, a decentralized platform for creating predictions markets, just hit a major milestone. “The first markets have successfully resolved,” the project tweeted Wednesday.

Payments of ether worth around $20,000 are now going out to the first brave crop of users, who used the betting platform without knowing for sure whether it would work as advertised. The handful of early markets “seem to have resolved fine,” Augur co-founder Joey Krug told CoinDesk.

“A few [user interface] bugs I saw but nothing major.” Augur is a peer-to-peer platform where anyone can pose any question for anyone else to bet money on, such as the result of an election or the price of an asset on a given date.

It went live on ethereum last week, nearly three years after the initial coin offering (ICO) that funded its development concluded. Two of those years were spent in rigorous beta testing, which – so far – appear to have paid off, since the application has experienced only minor hiccups. Only a couple of the markets that have now settled had any money staked on their outcomes.

The most valuable market was for the outcome of the France-Belgium World Cup semifinal game. (France won). Read more from…

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