As the world of cryptocurrency rapidly grows and matures, it is understandable that people would want to start using it to purchase goods outside. This is where crypto debit cards come in handy.

Crypto cards allow people to use their cryptocurrency to buy products online or in physical shops with ease. They hold crypto and fiat, and they can be used anywhere that supports regular Visa or Mastercard payments.

There are a handful of crypto debit cards on the market, like TenX and Monaco, but by far the most competent of them is Wirex. They are currently issuing physical plastic cards to users now.

Here are four reasons why you should always keep a crypto debit card in your wallet. Crypto debit cards are naturally more versatile than standard debit cards because they hold both fiat and cryptocurrency.

This means that you can use them just like a regular debit card, or they can be used as a powerful crypto wallet to hold multiple coins. For instance, the Wirex card currently contains a Bitcoin and Litecoin wallet, as well as a fiat gateway. Read more from…

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