A relatively small segment of the population, according to a June survey by cryptocurrency custodial service Gem and analytics firm Harris Insights. Roughly 8% of Americans invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, the poll of over 2,000 adults revealed.

In comparison, roughly 52% of Americans own stock, according to a Gallup poll from 2016. What is perhaps more daunting to Bitcoin’s supporters who hope to boost the asset’s popularity: About 41% of those same adults say that nothing could motivate them to invest in such digital assets.

The survey comes during a year when the value of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, have plummeted from a $20,000 high in December. As of Wednesday, the price of a single Bitcoin stands at roughly $6,300.

Much of the excitement around cryptocurrencies from 2017 has given way to concerns about how to regulate Bitcoin and other so-called digital currencies. Now, at least in the U.S., regulators appear to be combing through the plethora of cryptocurrencies to decide which ones should be subject to more onerous securities laws.

Meanwhile, much of the crypto sphere lies in a state of uncertainty. Another interesting tidbit from the research: Those earning more than $100,000 annually are less likely to invest in cryptocurrencies than those with lower earnings. Read more from fortune.com…

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