Cardano is a third generation blockchain solution for dApp development that makes it possible to program blockchains and smart contracts. In many aspects, it’s an improvement over Ethereum, a second generation blockchain platform.

It’s very ambitious but still largely undeveloped. With this in mind let’s have a look at 5 key reasons why Cardano will overtake Ethereum in the future.

Cardano will use two layers to separate information as compared to Ethereum. This will happen through: The platform plans to use a proof of stake protocol called Ouroboros.

While Ethereum uses POW which has many shortcomings, recently they announced their move towards adopting POS systems. Ouroboros will help Cardano stand out because it’s the only proof of stake protocol with mathematically proven security. The system will allow many advanced scaling options when it’s implemented towards the end of 2018.

The network will randomly select a node to confirm the next block and then a reward will be allocated. So, the more tokens one has the more likely they are to be selected. Read more from…

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