While much of the crypto world remains a speculative market for investments, exciting DApps are emerging on the Ethereum platform. Here are five DApps showing Ethereum is used for more than just investment purposes.

Augur leverages the hive mind of crowds to make real-time predictions using actual money. Since investors essentially bet on their predictions and earn a reward when their predictions are right, there’s a strong incentive to only place good bets.

Predictive markets have been shown to be more accurate than individual predictions from analysts and traditional survey polls. Essentially, when you’re asked to bet specifically on what will happen, you’ll make the most accurate guess.

Other projects such as Gnosis are attempting this as well. Project updates: The Augur beta is running on the testnet.

Developers are checking for potential vulnerabilities and plan to launch Augur in the next few months. BlockCAT is opening up smart contracts to everyone by creating a visual interface that helps with backend coding needs. Read more from themerkle.com…

thumbnail courtesy of themerkle.com