The hype surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain has reached a fever
pitch. Analogies to the dot-com craze have been inevitable.

Companies that merely
incorporated the word “blockchain” into its names enjoyed significant and swift impact on corporate
valuations. Along with the hype has come an influx of new cryptocurrency
businesses and, with them, the need for digital currency and blockchain
education and promotion.

These emerging markets require more nuanced communications plans than
traditional technology companies and products do. PR professionals must use
increasingly creative thinking to obtain the meaningful results clients
desire to break through the competitive noise.

Navigating the volatile
world of bitcoin valuation and
regulation requires an acutely responsive and strategic communications
approach. Here are five ways the rise of digital currency is influencing PR tactics: 1.

Cryptocurrency requires quicker action than ever before. Previously, startups followed a standard procedure for creating a business
model, which included building a prototype, bootstrapping (maybe from a
garage setting), trying to secure angel funding, and then rolling it out to
the market. Read more from…

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