This Sunday reported on a community-driven Bitcoin Cash network stress test taking place this September. However, allegedly another stress test is in the works with malicious intent, according to a lesser known developer named Bitpico.

The anonymous person claims the attack has already started, and emphasizes his blitz of spam will amplify over time.   Also read: Taiwan’s Financial Regulator to Conduct Limited Oversight of Cryptocurrencies An anonymous developer is threatening to strike the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network with a series of spam attacks that he believes will be powerful enough to hurt the network.

The developer had spoken to people about his attempt not long ago, but on June 22 Bitpico said the onslaught has started and believes it will be far more powerful in the coming weeks.    “The Bcash – BCH attack has been started; it will continue to run as we work to amplify it over the coming months,” explains Bitpico showing a video of code scrolling down a blue screen.

We expect to have 5,000 Bcash attack nodes in roughly 6 weeks and then we will multi-fork the chain. Since then Bitpico has continued to detail to the public that he will besiege the BCH network with his mining power and malicious nodes.

Of course, the BCH community thinks that Bitpico’s Twitter chatter is a whole lot of hot air, and there is a good reason for them not to take Bitpico seriously, due to his empty threats in the past. For instance, the script scrolling down a blue screen is questionable at best, and many have already dismissed him as a ‘script kiddie’ because of the video. Read more from…

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