This week spoke with one of the most prolific developers working with the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. Over the past few months, the developer Unwriter has created a large swathe of censorship-resistant applications that are tethered to the BCH blockchain.

We decided to get an inside glimpse of all the interesting platforms Unwriter has been launching, and the programmer tells us why they were conceived and how they operate.     Also read: No Matter How You Slice It — Token Assets Are Coming to Bitcoin Cash So far the programmer Unwriter has launched platforms such as Chainfeed, a Twitter bot called @_Opreturn,, the, and a few more applications that are compatible with the BCH chain.

Moreover, Unwriter has also been collaborating with five other well-known Bitcoin developers and contributed to the working paper called ‘The Simple Ledger Protocol,’ a concept that aims to create representative assets using the Bitcoin Cash network. With so many projects under this developer’s belt, we decided to chat with Unwriter in order to get some perspective on some of these unique applications.

Unwriter: is the first application I created on BCH. Chainfeed is a web app that delivers the full firehose of real-time Bitcoin OP_RETURN transactions.

It’s pretty mesmerizing to keep the site open and watch as messages flow in, especially now that there’s more variety in the types of apps being built on OP_RETURNs. Immediately after I released Chainfeed people started asking for an API, and soon I released the Chainfeed Firehose API. Read more from…

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