This past January the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers and community began implementing a new address format called ‘Cashaddr.’ The new protocol serialization makes BCH addresses distinct from other cryptocurrency formats in order to reduce user error, and the change also bolsters some future network functionalities as well. Over the past two weeks, many BCH supporting businesses and service providers have upgraded to the new format.

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Basically addresses look different and some contain the prefix “bitcoincash:” when displayed. Every Cashaddr address is also tethered to a “legacy address”, and the change doesn’t affect the users private and public keys.

So far lots of bitcoin cash supporting exchanges and wallet providers have upgraded to the new format over the past two weeks. Currently, the service providers and wallets who have integrated the Cashaddr format include Blockchain Wallet, Coinbase, Electron Cash,,, Bitpay, Copay, Coinomi, Hitbtc, Chaintip, Stash Wallet, Wallet, Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, Blockchair, and Blockdozer.

Other wallets like the iOS client Unit have detailed that their development teams plan to implement the address change in the near future. Some companies like Shapeshift are expected to integrate Cashaddr, but the firm has made no statements of this intention. Read more from…

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